I’m an adaptive music composer and sound designer. I make music and sound behave in unusual ways, often reacting or adapting itself to listeners behaviour, mood or situation. I build systems which utilise many techniques including procedural generation and artificial intelligence to create adaptive, reactive, interactive and generative music and sound.

Recent commissions include : Creating music with AI for Boiler Room and Google, for their Pixel 2 Sci Fi Supermall event in Berlin. Working with Marcus Lyall on a new version of On Your Wavelength, for a piece for Leeds town hall Pipe organ and laser display controlled by EEG headset worn by each visitor to the exhibit. In 2017 I also created an infinite generative 3d soundscape for the L-Acoustics L-ISA Island system.

In Aug 2016 I was commissioned by CISCO to compose an adaptive soundtrack to the city of Rio – Porto Maravilha as part of CISCO’s connected city platform. This was part of their 2016 official supporter of the Rio Olympic and Paralympic games. The soundtrack creates music in realtime, responding to live city data about connectivity, traffic, happiness, weather and time. This project was in conjunction with yDreams Brasil.

I also recently worked with Massive Attack, on Fantom – a sensory music experience app. I worked on this project with Rob Del Naja, Marc Picken, Andrew Melchior, Yair Szarf and The Nation. The app analyses the camera image, your heart rate and many other environmental factors to generate a unique remix for each listener every time.

In September 2015 I collaborated with Marcus Lyall who made On Your Wavelength An Immersive installation for Merge Festival 2015 which lets you step inside a laser beam and control it directly with your mind via an EEG headset. I created the adaptive soundtrack for the piece which changes with your thoughts.

I am currently working on a wide range of projects, creating music and sound systems for health, exercise, meditation, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. This includes working on apps with Biobeats and Mindsong.

In August 2014 I worked with Artists & Engineers and Atmos to create a 3d ambisonic soundscape for Arboreal Lightning – a huge interactive LED tree installation at the heart of Imogen Heap’s Reverb festival.

From 2009 to April 2014 I was Chief Creative Officer and Interactive Music Composer at RjDj. At RjDj I was a part of the team that created the iOS applications Inception the App (6 million downloads), The Dark Knight Rises Z+, Dimensions, RjDj and Rj Voyager. My role at RjDj involved music composition, production and programming. I was also extensively involved in product and UX design.

I have collaborated with Massive Attack, Imogen Heap, Hans Zimmer, Richard King, Junkie XL / Tom Holkenborg, Mel Wesson, Air, Carl Craig, Bookashade, Jimmy Edgar, Little Boots, , Chiddy Bang, Console / Acid Pauli, Sophie Barker (Zero 7) and Kirsty Hawkshaw (Opus III, Orbital, Tiesto).

From 2005 to 2009 I composed music for a wide range of clients including Nintendo/Curve Studios, Revlon, Czech National Radio, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Princeton University.

Many of these projects were music for radio, advertising, and video games. I also worked on a number of sound installation projects during this time and worked with sound artist Leanda Brass for her sound artwork accompanying the first holographic portrait of HRH Queen of England.

I have also created a number of Virtual Reality interactive music installations. The included commissions for interactive works by Princeton University and the pioneering Parsec project, which converted VOIP software into a 3d interactive multiplayer musical / sonic game. I have the strange honour of creating the first soundtrack to the official virtual reality presence of a country – commissioned by Mexico Tourist Board.

I was part of the duo The Dunes, with the singer songwriter Sarah-Jane Taylor, with Dave Rowntree’s (Blur) ‘Transistor Project’ label. We played a number of venues around the London area and were planning an album. The Dunes went their separate ways and I did a short music and sound course, with Peter Howell (Radiophonic Workshop).

Dizzy Banjo Ltd
Studio near London Fields, Hackney.

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