Alpine Kangaroo Flu


Ah things have been so crazy over the last few months that I haven’t been able to update this blog.

First I was in the Czech Republic for a while, back in July with @kocicenka. We went around southern Czech visiting her family. The countryside was beautiful ( video on my facebook soon I hope ). We ended our trip in Prague, which was really amazing as a city and blew me away – especially the food. We also met up with Lucy, who really liked the forthcoming Kids on DSP reactive music album coming out on RjDj :

After that I came back to London briefly, then went straight out to the RjDj internal alpine sprint in Austria. This was really awesome as we did some cool experimental stuff – more news on this on the RjDj blog soon I expect. Plus I stayed in a tent for most of the sprint :

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This was great as I had a fear of camping from the numerous family camping holidays I had to endure as a child. I was shocked to discover that modern tents have really improved !

However, during my stay in Austria I did contract the dreaded alpine kangaroo flu.

But there was no chance of a break in the schedule, so I was straight on the buses and trains with @13bitstring to visit Acid Pauli in his studio near Munich.

We did some great reactive madness here – hopefully its going to be released soon :) I was pretty ill the whole time though. Luckily there was also some good food here though too :


Around this time the video of the scene we did with Carl Craig went live on YouTube though, which was cool :

Since I’ve been back in London I’ve had my head down on some other projects which should become public soon. Managed to get out to see an interesting exhibition at the Tate Modern though called ‘No Ghost Just a Shell’ :


It was an exhibition by a collective of artists, exploring what happens to fictional identities in their ‘afterlife’. The artists bought the right to use the character Ann Lee, from the animation Ghost In The Shell. More info here.

It felt kinda interesting to think about identity and how we portray ourselves. In the same week the forthcoming Kids on DSP app got a mention in The Guardian.

Next up is @interesting at the Conway Hall on Sat the 12th. Hmm.. now I just need something to talk about..


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