A reactive doppelganger of 350 people

Pic by Gorgeoux on Flickr
Pic by Gorgeoux on Flickr

Saturday was Interesting 09 day.  I’d never managed to get tickets for one before, but this year @russelldavies kindly asked me to speak. It was a really awesome day and I can now see why it has such a great reputation. All the talks were really .. well .. interesting :)

I spoke briefly about music as software and reactive music, then did some RjDj demo’s including getting the 350 strong enthusiastic audience to participate in the scene Doppelganger by Kids on DSP. I didn’t think it would work and I was ready for it to feedback wildly.. but the result blew me away and was quite frightening !

Luckily @ohskylab recorded it adding extra weirdness with the Echolon scene.

I think there will hopefully soon be video of it available somewhere, which I’ll link to on this blog.

Interesting 09 Session 4 taken by Josie Fraser
Interesting 09 Session 4 taken by Josie Fraser

One thought on “A reactive doppelganger of 350 people

  1. Hi Robert

    I really enjoyed your talk a Interesting, and admired you for braving a live demo! My friend Craig was a fellow speaker – he was the water wheel guy.

    This iPhone meet-up might be of interest to you:

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    London, GB
    817 mobile app folks

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    The next one is on September 28th, be good to see you there. It’s a not-for-profit affair, but despite that it’s at a pretty cool venue! – http://www.disco24.co.uk/


    Jason Dunne
    Founder, London Smartphone

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