‘Playing out’ reactiveness

Flo, Ian and myself doing some reactive madness - pic by @kocicenka

We had a great time on Friday eve at the Kids on DSP reactive album iPhone application launch party at RjDj. The kids did a live set that included audio sampling from 5 mics located around the space, as well as a skype in option where party guests ( or anyone – as we advertised it on twitter ) could dial into the mix and have their voices reactively control the music. It was a wild effect ! Someone mentioned there was a recording of it somewhere, so hopefully that may surface soon somewhere on the interwebs – I will link to it if it does.

The app is now live in the apple app store. Wagner James Au has done a nice review of it on the appleblog.com and @revdancat did a good interview here. Prior to release it was also covered by The Guardian newspaper in the UK and by MTV

This was also RjDj London sprint weekend. We had some great discussions and sessions with enthusiastic scene creators and people interested in RjDj both for musical uses and other uses such as augmented reality applications. I’m really looking forward to their stuff.


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