Creativity and Sleep

I have an interesting relationship with sleep. I can’t get to sleep that well and I can’t get out of sleep that well. It’s kinda annoying. Especially as I really percieve the difference between the work I do when rested and when I am not. Its increasingly clear to me that I make far better decisions and I’m far more creative when I have slept properly. This might seem obvious, but some people believe in the concept of creative insomnia.

I also dream music when I’m asleep and often wake with music in my head. This happens the most when I dream a lot just before waking.  One of things that annoys me the most is when this pattern is disturbed and somehow the creative work I was doing whilst sleeping ( I know that sounds ridiculous ) is lost, because I forget it when I wake.

To explore this I’m trying out a bio-alarm clock iPhone app called Sleep cycle. It monitors your movement using the iPhone accelerometer during the night and then wakes you at an optimum moment within a time window to maximise your rest efficiency. So far its been working really well. I’m hoping that its going to enable far more transfer of music and ideas from that last, highly creative, phase of sleep – into my concious world. I also thought – what would it be like to make music *from* this data..

On the other end of the scale, as definitive waking is unfortunately a necessity, @kocicenka got me a great xmas present :

Clocky is a crazy R2D2 like robotic alarm clock which runs around your room going nuts if you dont turn it off. It works ! It’s actually a project of MIT alumni Gauri Nanda.


2 thoughts on “Creativity and Sleep

  1. Interesting. I’ve been having insomnia issues in the past few months as well, though getting better at it recently. Are you going to continue your experimentation with that?

    Love/hate Clocky! I have my alarm clock sitting across the room so I have to get up to turn it off. Chasing it around must be wild.

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