Learning from Kids – Interaction

This xmas I bought my niece a Crayola ‘Colour me a Song’. It’s kind of reactive music for kids. This was the result :

The really interesting thing about her interaction with it was how much more she interacted with the visually interactive elements ( the lit buttons ). She really understood that things were being turned on and off very quickly. Connecting the more abstract concept of speeding up music with faster pen movement was somehow different. Perhaps as it required association with her movement and the tempo, whilst also being distracted by another wonderful and very visual thing – the crayon.

It made me think that when designing forms of reactive music I should avoid competing with things like crayons.


2 thoughts on “Learning from Kids – Interaction

  1. Avoid crayons? I was going to borrow that crayon-physics-look for a scene I’m working on – maybe I have to rethink that. ;)

  2. ha yeah well I just meant avoiding things which are really cool that distract from the users capacity to understand the link to the musically reactive thing

    i think its a difficult one though, as sometimes the cool distracting thing can reinforce the musically reactive thing – and then its obviously a good thing !


    by the way – cool scenes !

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