Panel at Berklee College of Music & in SL

Tomorrow January 11th at 3:25-4:55 pm EST / 12:25  SLT  I will be taking part in a panel discussion about music and virtual worlds, held at Berklee college of music and in Second Life. The panel also features John Lester of Linden Lab ( creators of Second Life ) who does a lot of development work in the field of Education and Healthcare, Grace Buford who has established a successful online presence as the virtual performer Cylindrian Rutabaga, and Andrew Woolf and Perry Geyer ( of Boston based group Fierce Tibetan Gods ). It is moderated by Lori Landay of Berklee.

I expect I’ll be talking about the various pieces of interactive music work I have done in the virtual worlds space for organisations like Princeton University, Mexico Tourist Board, Costa Rica Tourist Board as well as other interactive installations like Parsec, Dare and Gestural Music.

I also hope to talk about the possibilities of music delivered as software ( on various platforms ). I’d also like to discuss how virtual worlds could be utilised by the music industry to deliver interactive content and how we could see a focus on the ‘social 3d music app’ as a virtual good soon.

Join us for the discussion in SL here !


2 thoughts on “Panel at Berklee College of Music & in SL

  1. Ah yes Space Junky are very interesting, I have seen them performing a few times in SL.

    Yes a number of artists with professional music credits have worked within SL, but indeed Space Junky have definitely explored the medium extensively. Another artist who is doing interesting stuff in SL is Kirsty Hawkshaw, formerly of Opus III.

    I always remember the time Suzanne Vega came in around 2006, it felt like quite an event.

    I’m most looking forward to the new Babel project by the SL ‘only’ band Chouchou, who really seem to exploit the unique characteristics of the medium very well.

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