Talk at Music 4.5 2010

Recently I had a great inspiring conversation with @rassami about RjDj, reactive music and the incredible new horizons that music as software opens up. She kindly invited me to represent RjDj at Music 4.5 and talk about some of those concepts. I’ll also be discussing some of the work we have done with major label artist apps such as Little Boots. The event is on the 4th March 2010. I’m talking after the opening interview with Jemima Kiss from the Guardian, Feargal Sharkey and Brian Message. Nikhil Shah of Mixcloud will also be part of the same section.

Here is a little explanation about the event from the website :

Music 4.5 will bring together music tech start-ups, serial entrepreneurs, investors, artists, band managers and key industry players to share knowledge, discuss strategies for business success, debate market trends and evolution, as well as network.

The name Music 4.5 is derived from a Web 2.0 philosophy which says that, after the huge losses incurred on Web 1.0, the ambition for web enterprises is to make money and achieve a 4.5 times return on investment (ROI). In the music and technology business landscape this means a 4.5 times ROI for all parties: artists, entrepreneurs and investors.

The Music 4.5 event brings together the tech geeks and the music geeks, both innovators and creators, with the aim of inspiring a new creative discussion focusing on innovation, revenue and business model opportunities, disruptive technology and social content. Most innovation in the music industry comes from tech companies attempting to disrupt the market and find a sustainable way of making money in the ‘era of free music’. The objective of the Music 4.5 day is to create, curate and deliver fresh thinking focusing on the opportunity within the extended new music paradigm.

I’m really looking forward to this one, hearing the opinions and strategies across the industry for how to move forward into the real digital age of music.


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