Berlin and Club Transmediale

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I was lucky enough to represent RjDj on a panel over at Club Transmediale last week. The panel discussion was about apps and their potential impact and importance for musicians and the music industry.

It was a great discussion ranging from the use of mobile devices for ‘toy’ like apps like the Mobilee label app done with Touchmix , through sample instrument apps like Star6 to more format oriented platforms like RjDj.

It was really interesting to talk with Bryan McDade about the app and various pieces of technology he supervised for Richie Hawtin during the Contakt tour. This seemed like a pretty crazy combination of technologies resulting in a very ‘connected’ audience and performer. I remarked that the work they are doing with live music is kinda similar to the stuff we are trying to do with the recorded music experience.

Aside from Club Transmediale, I checked out the WMF club briefly, heard a bit of DJ Sniff, but then went up the Fernsehturm and somehow managed to fluke a table in the restaurant. Here I met a really friendly Romanian businessman who was a hospitality and restauranteur. It was pretty interesting to talk to him about change in that industry. Berlin also has a crazy night time rainbow thing going on at the moment !

Whilst I was there, I also went back to a location I recorded about 6 years ago now. Its the Ostbahnhof trainstation. I made a recording there and did a piece of music based on derived chordal structures, melodies and rhythms from the field recording. At the time there weren’t any photos taken of the station, or perhaps they got lost.. so I took some more.

Here is the piece of music :


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