A nice chat with Kirsty Hawkshaw

I had a nice little trip to see Kirsty Hawkshaw the other day. We met when I found her interactive virtual music installation Kinetica whilst trying out the new SL Viewer 2.0.

It was really great to meet her as she represents part of an era which was pivotal in my musical development – the early 90s rave and european techno / ambient scene. She’s probably best known for her work as part of Opus III and this single in particular, which is one of the quintessential european techno tracks of that time. She has also done a lot of other collaborative and interesting work.

We had a great discussion about reactive virtual music installations and then also spoke about RjDj and the huge possibilities of reactive music on mobile devices. She made this great video of it, which unfortunately doesn’t have the sound of the scenes in it, but is a great video anyway :) Kirsty has already done a load of recordings using the RjDj app and was interested in our new content creation approach. I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes of it all!


One thought on “A nice chat with Kirsty Hawkshaw

  1. Very cool video. Even cooler app, haven’t been able to stop playing with it since downloading thismorning! Thanks so much – great to meet ya in SL!

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