Inception The App

Over the last few months at RjDj I have been working on what I think is a very special project. A while back now Michael got in contact with Remote Control Productions, Hans Zimmers LA based production studio. After some very interesting conversations we started on developing an Inception app.

The app was released on Wednesday this week, to coincide with the Bluray and DVD release of the movie and has immediately rocketed up the app charts to the top 5 in many countries worldwide. There has been a huge discussion happening on Twitter about it. Its been an overwhelming experience to see how so many people have really enjoyed the experience. You can get it here. The official website of the app is here.

The app is unusual in many ways. Firstly it extends the ‘Soundtrack to your Life’ concept of RjDj scenes much further than ever before. Secondly it is, perhaps, the first context aware / pervasive music application.

The experience enables you to induce a ‘dreamworld’. Once induced, you can pass through and unlock many different dreams within this world without interacting with the GUI at all. If you are still you will enter the Still Dream. If you are quiet you will enter the Quiet Dream. If you walk or run you will enter the Action Dream. If the weather is sunny you will enter the Sunshine Dream.

It creates a personalised dream soundtrack for your life. It is also akin to a pervasive game or ARG. Some users are even taking it as far as a surreal LARPleaving the app on all night to induce dreams whilst they sleep.

Each of the dreams features custom versions of the Inception score by Hans Zimmer. Its been a special privilege to work with this score, which is one of my favourites. Here is a video explaining how the Still Dream feels :

There will be a lot more information released soon about this application and more detailed interviews about its creation. So I won’t spoil it on this blog. There is a lot more cool stuff to come yet :)

I just wanted to post here to express how proud I am to have worked on this project. It has been a very tough development process. Context aware is a notoriously difficult problem to implement successfully. So far the reception from users seems to have been overwhelmingly positive. That makes me very happy and proud to be part of such a great team at RjDj.


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