RjDj visits Berklee College of Music

As part of my recent trip to the US, on Monday 7th Feb, I was over at Berklee College of Music in Boston, doing a talk and discussion session with the students in the film scoring and game scoring faculty. I was invited there by Lori Landlay from the Liberal Arts faculty. It was a really rewarding session and we discussed many of the RjDj projects we have done over the last 2 years, as well as some of my previous composition work. 

We started with discussing what it means to create music which is fluid not frozen. This involved discussing the artist projects we did at RjDj in 2009 with Little Boots, AIR and working with Carl Craig and Kids on DSP. We then moved on to Rj Voyager and Inception the App discussing direct user interaction and slightly more passive ARG style mechanics.

It was great to have such an open dialogue with the students. I think the cross disciplinary mix of skills which is necessary for film and game scoring is a great foundation for thinking about interactive music experiences. Following the talk we had a great lunch with some of the other faculty staff and we were all very excited about the prospect of Berklee students making RjDj scenes as part of their studies in the near future.



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