Online workshops with Full Sail University

It was really great to do a workshop with Doron Reizes and his students the other day. He is Associate Course Director of Interactive Audio at Full Sail University. We discussed different approaches to mapping music onto direct interaction, such as the accelerometer and touchscreen of iOS devices, but also more unusual ones like GPS, time and various web data. We also discussed how to approach projects conceptually and techniques for developing the brief with clients and collaborators on interactive music projects. It was great to talk with such an enthusiastic bunch of students. It really feels like there is a swell of interest in interactive forms of music making and distribution right now.


One thought on “Online workshops with Full Sail University

  1. The only downside to FullSail is if you have the money they will pass you… They pass just about anyone. Recording studios Ive worked in have even had signs in the past: “Do not hire Full Sail students”

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