disquiet junto 0009 cross species collaboration

I managed to get some time to take part in the disquiet.com junto series of projects again. This time it was about creating music from a set of samples.

This one was really fun to do. I made it in Pure data again. This mp3 is a recording I made “performing” the patch live with my apple keyboard.

This is a brief summary of how it works :

1. The patch plays the original freesound files of the bird and the guitar into analysis objects ( fiddle~ )
2. This determines when the bird or the guitarist plays a phrase
3. Each time this happens the phrase is recorded into a set of 6 phrases. When they are full, they record over each other again.
4. An algorithmic pattern generator decides how the bird phrases and the guitar phrases will be played back in time with a musical tempo.
5. The drums are formed from two samples of the guitar scrapes / slides and messed with. They are played back by an algorithm, I just turned them on and off.
6. The ‘bass’ is formed from 3 samples of the guitar played at the wrong samplerate and messed with various filters and tremolo. I just turned the bass on and off.
7. The whole thing is also going through a set of secondary effects – repeaters, bitcrushers, reverbs, reversers, etc.

Hope you like it! Listen to that bird go!


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