Grandma’s Piano

I made a very quick EXS24 instrument of my grandma’s piano. Its way out of tune and many parts of it are broken but it kinda adds to the nostalgic feeling. I will do a bit more work on it and do an updated version which handles the playback better and does some stereo spreading on the samples. But it could be useful for a sort of wonky roomy piano sound :)

I grew up playing it whenever we visited – making musical worlds and stories in my head.

It was recorded very quickly using a Zoom H1. I only had time to do one velocity level. The recordings are a bit noisy / messy and it will need some compression and EQ to be useful.


License : Creative Commons Attribution.

I’m going to use it on a few personal music projects. If you use it it would be great to hear from you – email me : dizzybanjo at gmail dot com.


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