Precipitation String – [disquiet 0017 transition]

This was created as part of the Disquiet Junto series of short projects. It is experimental and unfinished.

I wanted to try something different this week, but also try some scripting in a language I haven’t used for many years: LSL – the scripting language used in Linden Lab’s Second Life.

The Disquiet Junto brief was to take a field recording and a piece of music ( see below ) and transition between them seamlessly. I failed pretty spectacularly here, but I was actually more interested in creating an interesting way of creating interaction between the two during the transition.

The first 20 secs are of a field recording made by @kocicenka of some rain on a huge flat roof in Hackney, London.

The middle section ( with the visuals ) is entirely recorded from the output of Second Life. I scripted a series of objects in there to play when a falling droplet object hits them. The droplet is randomly dropped from various positions above the ‘cloud’. When they are hit they play either rain sounds, or music sounds. Both the sounds were fragmented up into small chunks a few seconds long. Each time they are hit, they glow and resize themselves programmatically. Sometimes the droplets bounce in different ways due to the Havok engine used – giving it a potential for random generation. In Second Life, the placement of sounds also involves a 3d spacial simulation in FMOD. I filmed this video using Screenflow so that the camera movements ( and random scripts ) would effectively create the mix.

Finally it fades into the last few seconds of the track by Lee Rosevere ( detailed below ).

This track includes a segment of “The Day Love Came In The Mail” by Lee Rosevere off the album Play 3 on the WM Recordings netlabel, thanks to Creative Commons license. More information at:

More details on the Disquiet Junto at:


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