Hell and Beck [Disquiet Junto Project 0035: Reading Beck]

This track is a short experimental track for the Disquiet Junto project.

It is an interpretation of a sample of the sheet music from the Beck collection Song Reader. This is what the sheet music looks like :

I took the image and inverted it. Aside from that I did no other image processing.

I then used Photosounder http://photosounder.com/ and Nicolas Fournel’s Audiopaint http://www.nicolasfournel.com/audiopaint.htm to turn the image into sound.

Both these applications create sound from pictures by scanning them from left to right. I set the timeframe to be 4 minutes, so it takes 4 minutes to scan across the image.

I bounced out audio from those and then processed / mixed them in Cubase using Znoise, Aphex aural exciter, iZotope ozone and alloy and PSP Pianoverb.

I then exported and processed those submixes in Paulstretch http://music.cornwarning.com/2011/12/07/new-paulstretch-os-x-build/ with 6 different settings not stretched at all, but octaved a lot.

This then came back into Cubase where I did lots of compression and EQ ( cubase native plugs mainly ) mix automation and added a little more PSP Pianoverb. I also used Michael Norris’ Soundmagic Spectral Averaging AU through DDMF Metaplugin for one aspect of the ‘choir’.

It was mastered using Ozone in Twistedwave.

More on Beck’s Song Reader here:


More on this 35th Disquiet Junto project at:


More details on the Disquiet Junto at:



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