The music at my gym sucks

My gym Fitness4Less is great, but the music there sucks.

I generally listen to audiobooks while working out. Currently I’m on the Iain M Banks culture series. However I wondered today if I could transform the crap music they play there into something more interesting..

So I made a quick RjDj scene which transforms the incoming audio in realtime into something more interesting. Here is a demo recording of it in action with some standard aggressively produced pop feeding into it :)

It features a crossover around 120Hz, below that the signal is passed through lowpass filtered and amplified with some tanh type soft clipping. Above 120Hz all of the signal is fed through a graindelay I made which has a long buffer like 20 seconds and randomly plays grains from that buffer in a stereo spread. The output of this graindelay is also fed through a platereverb which feeds back into the graindelay. The output of that delay / reverb is then sweep bandpassed with randomised frequency centers. The scene uses many of the RjLib Pure data abstractions :

Next time I’m at the gym I’m going to test it out. Wish me luck!


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