On Your Wavelength – Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival, by Marcus Lyall in collaboration with Robert Thomas and Alex Anpilogov

I did a new adaptive soundtrack for this piece which has been dramatically developed since its last incarnation over a year ago. This version uses over 30000 LEDs controlled by your brain – the music system creates a unique composition which you ‘play’ using how much you concentrate.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 20.54.00.png


BBC Click Live 

I composed an adaptive soundtrack for part of the BBC Click Live show in November 2016. The score adapted to the biometric data of the audience. It became more intense as their emotions became heightened. This project used data from XO Studio’s wristband sensors which 80 members of the audience were wearing.

Pzizz, Sleep App Music System

I worked with Pzizz to create the latest version of their hybrid music system. The app features human composed but algorithmically remixed music and sound. In this case the human composer was the very talented Ethan Cohen. The system learns over time to prioritise to music which the user likes. The app has over 500,000 users and even J.K.Rowling is  fan! Try it out on iOS 

Hear the City App, CISCO – Adaptive Soundtrack to the city of Rio – Porto Maravilha

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In Aug 2016 I was commissioned by CISCO to compose an adaptive soundtrack to the city of Rio – Porto Maravilha as part of CISCO’s connected city platform. This was part of their 2016 official supporter of the Rio Olympic and Paralympic games. The soundtrack creates music in realtime, responding to live city data about connectivity, traffic, happiness, weather and time. This project was in conjunction with yDreams Brasil.  More details here.

Fantom Sensory Music App, with Massive Attack, Fantom & Sons.


I worked together with Rob Del Naja, Marc Picken, Andrew Melchior, Yair Szarf and The Nation on this sensory music experience app which features new material from Massive Attack. The app analyses live video image from the device camera, the users heart rate ( via the Apple Watch ), accelerometer activity, time of day and social media streams to create a unique remix of the music for each listen of each user.

More details and get the app here.

Hear and Now, Mindful Breathing App, by Biobeats

I created the adaptive music system for this app which helps you do breathing exercises to reduce stress. The app monitors your Heart Rate Variability by using the light and camera, to find out how well you are doing the exercise. If you are doing it well – the music expands in reward. The music system algorithmically creates a different arrangement for each session. You can read more details and get the app here.

On Your Wavelength, by Marcus Lyall in collaboration with Robert Thomas and Alex Anpilogov

An interactive laser and music composition you control with your mind. On this project I collaborated with Marcus Lyall, the artist responsible for the award winning stage visuals for the Chemical Brothers and Metallica. It was commissioned for MERGE 2015 arts festival in Bankside, London. Participants wear an EEG headset which monitors their attention levels. This then controls many aspects of the lasers and the soundtrack. Alex Anpilogov created a method to directly control Marcus’ laser compositions based on the EEG signals and I composed and built the adaptive soundtrack using Pure data. More details here.

This piece was exhibited from Sept 18th to Oct 18th 2015.

Mindsong, EEG controlled meditation App, iOS with Neurosky EEG headset.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.41.27

Mindsong is an app which helps you meditate better. It uses meditation signals from an EEG headset to control a realtime adaptive music soundtrack which I composed. This project was created by Mikey Siegel and Beau Silver is tech lead. The project was built in Pure data and distributed using LibPd on iOS.

The Brain Show, National Geographic Channel

I composed adaptive music for and sound design for this virtual reality exhibit for the National Geographic show Brain Games. Visitors spoke their name into the software and had their face scanned in 3d. Then they wore an Oculus Rift headset which incorporated an EEG headset. This allowed them to explore the power of their brain in virtual reality. As they concentrated more the music became more intense and their head movements and visual focus re-constructed the geometry of their face around them. It featured 3 different adaptive music compositions. Each piece reacted to many things, including brain activity type, attention, head movement and body position. The system was built in Pure data.

This project was with Xister and Artists & Engineers with procedural VR visuals created in VVVV by Will Young.

Biobeats, Adaptive music composition and sound design, iOS, Android

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 11.50.56

I am working with Biobeats to create engaging adaptive audio experiences which are healthy. Get on Up is an app which makes any music react and adapt to your running pace in realtime. Hear and Now is a mindful breathing app which helps you reduce stress levels by monitoring your heart rate. Both apps sync data to the BioBeats machine learning API which creates realtime feedback on health. They were built in Pure data and distributed using LibPd on iOS.

“Future User” in DIS magazine by Lil’ Data – PC MUSIC


A lil collaboration with @lildata @Atour, @enzienaudio. The first web deployment of an interactive piece using the Heavy audio procedural audio pipeline by Enzien Audio. This deployed a Pure data patch, via the Heavy compiler into a browser to run on the web. In addition to this, thanks to @atour ‘s code, multiple users can change the music simultaneously by toggling words in the text on a webpage. All the audio is running procedurally in the browser.

Try it here :

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Arboreal Lightning

Commissioned by Imogen Heap for her Reverb 2014 festival. I worked with Artists & Engineers and Sennheiser to create an adaptive and interactive 3d soundscape using ambisonics for the large LED tree structure designed by Atmos which was the centrepiece of the festival.

Visual software design for the tree was by Adam Stark.

Projects at RjDj :

Imogen Heap – Run-Time App.

The Dark Knight Rises Z+ App, iOS.

Dimensions – Augmented Audio Reality game, iOS.

Sonic adventure game by RjDj.
I created adaptive music compositions and sound design for this AR game. The app also featured the Ghost Dimension by Hans Zimmer.

Inception the App – Augmented Audio Reality App, iOS.

Official app experience extension of the film Inception.
With Christopher Nolan, Hans Zimmer and Michael Breidenbrucker.
5 Million + downloads worldwide.

RjDj iPhone App, iOS

Reactive Music Production with many artists including AIR, Carl Craig, Little Boots, Bookashade, Jimmy Edgar, Chiddy Bang, Fabrice Lig, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Acid Pauli / Console and many more.

Love by AIR iPhone App, iOS.

Working with AIR to produce an interactive version of their song Love. Released on Valentines day.

Little Boots Reactive Remixer iPhone App, iOS.

Working with Little Boots to produce a interactive versions of 3 songs from her debut album Hands.

Rj Voyager iPad App, iOS.

Reactive Music Production / UX design on this touch control synthesis / music exploration app for the iPad.

Kids on DSP iPhone App, iOS.

Reactive Music Production on this, the first iPhone only album as app release. This app pioneered the release of an album as mobile app software.

All projects at RjDj were built using RjDj’s series of custom ports of Pure data to iOS. These had some commonality with LibPd but also featured other optimisations specific to iOS and the apps in question.

Projects at Dizzy Banjo Studios :

Mexico Tourist Board – 3d Interactive Soundtrack for Virtual Reality

The first interactive music score and sound design for a countries official virtual location. Interactive music and sound design for the award winning digital campaign for Visit Mexico. The project included videos, websites and interactive 3d virtual recreations of Mexican tourist attractions.

Costa Rica Tourist Board – 3d Interactive Soundtrack for Virtual Reality

Interactive music and sound design for this digital campaign by Costa Rica Tourist Board . The project included websites and interactive 3d virtual recreations of the Cocos Island nature reserve.

Parsec – Virtual Reality interactive music game

Commisioned by Manning Press, Parsec was a pioneering 3d interactive musical game where players could move virtual objects using their voice through repurposed VOIP software and play music together. Certain co-operative actions within the group would unlock new areas of the music. It has since been featured in a number of academic papers and conferences worldwide including MIT Press.

Fluidity – WiiWare Video game soundtrack, prototype stage

Video game music with Curve Studios for the prototype stage of this platform game eventually published by Nintendo on the WiiWare platform. This game used many interesting accelerometer tilt game mechanics with the Wiimote controller.

Explodemon! – PS3 / PC Video game prototype soundtrack

Prototype stage video game music for this PC / Playstation 3 title with Curve Studios London. Exhibited at GDC San Francisco.

Czech National Radio  – Radio News, Weather and Traffic Themes

A series of themes, stings and beds for Cesky Rohzlas. Providing a fresh contemporary edge to their existing musical themes.

Revlon –  Advertisement Campaign Music

Advertising music for Revlon. With Sugar Cube Studios.

Equanimity – Sound installation engineering

Music production and sound engineer for this official sound installation for the first holographic portrait of HRH Queen of England – in conjunction with Jersey Heritage Trust and sound artist Leanda Brass.

This unusual project featured a single sheet of glass with feonic emitters attached to it, transforming the actual glass hologram into a resonating speaker.

Dare – 3d interactive music game

Private commission. A 3d virtual interactive installation triggered by multiple players walking around a 3d virtual space. Later exhibited by Music Academy Online.

IO and IO Redux – Virtual Reality interactive music installation

Commissioned by Princeton University, IO was a 3d interactive musical ride/game/installation featuring different music each time it was experienced.

Gestural Music – Virtual Reality interactive music game

Exhibited by Princeton University, this was a 3d interactive virtual installation which let 3 people create music together using mouse gestures.

Millions of Us – Music composition.

Bespoke music for this San Francisco based immersive agency.

Dynafleur – Virtual Reality interactive music installation

Interactive music for a 3d virtual installation commissioned by Princeton University.

Tales from the Green Man’s Daughter – Audiobook Soundtrack

Narrative music for an audiobook series of childrens stories, with Red Silk Arts.

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II – Indie PC video game soundtrack

Videogame theme for this Indie FPS. I provided main theme and numerous stings and beds based around it as well as some sound design elements within the game.

The Dunes & Sarah-Jane Taylor – Co-writer, Arranger, Producer

Co-writer / Arranger / Producer and multi-instrumentalist in this duo with Singer / Songwriter Sarah-Jane Taylor. With Dave Rowntree’s ( Blur ) The Transistor Project development label.